We offer a full spectrum of primary care and preventive services to help adults manage their health. We accept new patients in need of primary care services.

Occupational Health Services

Workers' Compensation and Case Management

Memorial OccMed provides a premier program of care and case management of workers' compensation injuries. Our proactive approach utilizes a system which begins prior to an individual employee's first day of work. Workers' Compensation costs and disability costs are driven by lack of early intervention, lack of communication and oversight. Workers' Compensation claims can be profoundly reduced by getting people back to work through coordination with the employer to provide immediate temporary assignments. Memorial OccMed offers a state-of-the-art facility for the acute management of work-related injuries.

Memorial OccMed offers:

  • Easy access walk-in clinic
  • Proactive communication with employee and employer
  • Post-treatment physician communication
  • Physician-to-physician communication for outside referrals

Screening and Testing Services:

Memorial OccMed offers a complete spectrum of screening examinations designed to meet the changing needs of industry. Whether mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or indicated by corporate policy, Memorial OccMed can create and provide an examination program specific to the employer needs. We offer low cost screening programs as a first line approach. Memorial OccMed also provides comprehensive testing services designed to identify potential problems and arrive at a diagnosis. A listing of the screening and testing services available includes:

  • Pulmonary Function Test - performed by NIOSH certified technicians using the most accurate spirometry equipment available
  • Audiometry- reviewed by certified Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) audiologist in compliance with OSHA hearing conservation standards
  • Cardiac- including EKG and low-risk cardiac stress testing
  • Vision- including visual acuity, peripheral vision and color blindness testing,
  • DOT and non-DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing- collections supervised by trained technicians
  • Medical Review Officer available
  • Vaccines/Immunizations
  • Laboratory Services- complete blood count blood chemistry profile, urinalysis and other specialty blood work upon need or request.

Tailored Physicals and Assessment Services

We offer a variety of different examinations, each specifically designed to meet the particular needs of the employer, employee and the job. These physicals include:

  • DOT – Motor Carrier, US Coast Guard – Maritime
  • Post-offer (pre-placement)
  • Periodic (including medical surveillance)
  • OSHA Medical Questionnaire and Exam
  • Respirator Fit Test
  • Fit-for-Duty (evaluation and examination to determine patient's ability to return to work safely)
  • Return-to-Work disability evaluation

Patient and Information Systems

Our comprehensive patient information system will enable us to either call or fax information to the respective employer regarding the medical status of the employee during the initial injury treatment session. This provides the employer with up-to-the-minute information helpful in making accommodations so their company operation can continue with as little interruption as possible. The employer is informed regarding the employee's diagnosis, current status, recommended treatment plan and any follow-up appointment(s) required. The employer also receives a phone call or fax after each follow-up visit. All records are collected and stored in one place, making them accessible with just one phone call. Each patient signs an authorization to release pertinent records to the employer and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Future confidentiality issues are avoided by this proactive approach, making records and reports available when needed.

Regulatory Compliance Services

As part of our comprehensive approach to occupational health and safety, Memorial OccMed offers a set of services to guide businesses through federal, state, and local safety and environmental compliance issues. Through extensive experience, Memorial OccMed is able to provide technical guidance and resources in the following areas:

  • Asbestos management
  • OSHA/EPA regulatory compliance
  • Hazardous waste/Materials management
  • Back injury prevention
  • Chemical right-to-know inventory and data processing
  • OSHA citation defense/remediation
  • Indoor air and industrial hygiene studies

On-Site Professional Staffing and Consultation Services

This is a service provided for larger companies, specifically those who outsource their medical needs. The services provided are:

  • Health screenings and appraisals (i.e. cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, heart attack risks, stress) to promote healthier lifestyles and identify medical concerns in the early stages
  • Active medical surveillance for employees in hazardous jobs and those at risk of medical conditions that develop over time
  • Assistance with policies and procedures for compliance with federal, state and company regulations
  • Implementation and management programs for injury and illness prevention (respirator fit test, job modifications, back care education, safety education programs, etc.)

Primary Care Services

We offer a full spectrum of primary care and preventive services to help adults manage their health. We accept new patients in need of primary care services.